In the opening of the play, Macbeth is not presented as a flawed character. We are given hints that he is a strong and dominant warrior . Macbeth is respected by his fellow soldiers. He is a fierce and strong character who might have a positive role in the rest of the play. Despite, the fact that he is […]

As I approach the abandoned school building, it looks surprisingly decrepit. From a distance, the brick structure is ancient and worn. The edifice has taken a beating. The rain is falling heavily with huge force and the raindrops are like sharp spikes shooting in my face. The wind buffets me, pushing me from side to side, making me lose my balance. […]

The number of GCSE exams should be reduced significantly in order to save the fragile minds of young students: pressure on the shoulders of teenagers to revise and do well in exams is incredibly stressful and can lead to eating disorders, self-harm and suicidal tendencies. Thousands of pressurised students, who are not fully ready to […]

Dear Ms Samantha Taylor, I take your point on board but Franzen, Louis CK and Greenfield are correct. I strongly agree with your statements concerning the way teenagers live their lives. You assert that the current crop of teenagers are a different generation as they are disinterested and have detached themselves from real society. You […]

In both poems, the poets show that conflict has had major effects on people’s lives. In ‘Belfast Confetti’, Ciaran Carson shows that the protagonist is being affected by the conflict which is a civil war between the protestants and the IRA. Likewise in ‘At the Border’, a group of people have been forced to flee […]

A bird is roosting on the top branch in the wood. The hawk is sleeping, thinking about the advantages in nature that makes him advantageous over everything below him. The Earth is starring the hawk in the face. The poem theme is about a hawk who dreams to become a perfectionist at killing his prey. […]

Firstly, the conflict in At the Border, is a group of people that want to return to the land that is linked to their identify. We know that the poet is being forced to flee from Kurdistan back to her homeland Iraq. We can tell that the effect of the civil war has had a […]

In the first stanza, the poet sets the scene for Vandevue’s death by using the repetition of ‘alone’. The poet also uses, the midnight and the moonlight to try and set the scene for Vandevue’s death. The poet uses the line ‘left by the ebbing tide of the battle’ to try and set the scene for […]

How has the poet presented the effects of conflict in ‘The Right Word’ through choices of language and structure? The poem is about a woman inside her house. Her thoughts manage to get the better of her. The poem comes about on what happened on the 911 bombings. The poet uses an provocative and emotive […]

GCSE exams should be reduced significantly in order to save the fragile minds of young students. The pressure to revise and do well in exams is very stressful. Thousands of pressured students who are not fully ready to take an exam, must prove what they have learned to examiners. Those who fail are left to […]